The purpose of of Commercial Washroom Air Fresheners is to add a pleasant scent to an an area which can smell at certain points, even when the washroom is maintained efficiently.

There is nothing worse than the smell which emanates from poorly maintained toilet facilities.

Timed Air Freshener delivery systems or constant aroma can improve the impression your washroom gives off.

Air Care with Air Fresheners, Service and Supplies

Flush Hygiene maintain commercial washrooms throughout London, Kent and the Southeast, providing Air Fresheners for Hotels, Businesses and Government buildings, whose washrooms we manage.

Our range of scents and Air Freshener units are designed to cater for high traffic areas, and with new Detect and Dispense devices, we can ensure your washroom is refreshed on demand or at set intervals throughout each day.

  • LED Detection – Auto Dispense Fragrance when movement detected
  • Timed Release – Auto Dispense Fragrance at regular times e.g 5 minutes, 10, 20 30 etc

Commercial Washroom Air Fresheners

Commercial Washroom Air FreshenersOur range of Air Fresheners maintain an ‘air of cleanliness’, perfect for filling the gap between times that Flush Hygiene operatives visit, to perform cleaning operations for you.

We can provide a range of units (battery or mains powered) to suit your requirements and a selection of fragrances to suit your preference.

Commercial Washroom Air Fresheners and Fragrances


Get in touch to discuss options for the supply and maintenance of your Air Fresheners here.

If you are existing customer and wish to enquire about additional, replacement or first install Air Fresheners, call us on 01689 600 550 and one of our support representatives will organise this for you.

New Customer Enquiries

We welcome enquiries from new customers who are interested in our range of Commercial Washroom Services. We can supply Air Fresheners and Fragrances if we are maintaining your commercial washrooms for you. We are not able to provide Air Fresheners and Fragrances for sale direct, at this time.

Flush Hygiene Commercial Washroom Services

Our primary objective is to deliver premium washroom services to Businesses in our target area. We help you maintain good standards, adhere to government legislation and give staff and customers who use your facilities, the right impression.

A well kept washroom, demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail in every aspect of the business.