When it comes to choosing a Sanitary Waste provider, there may be several factors which ultimately affect your decision. In most cases, businesses prefer to have one company manage all cleaning and washroom services. Although operating as two independent companies, Flush Hygiene and SoClean are linked and can offer your business a total cleaning and hygiene solution.

Read our post on the full range of services offered between Flush Hygiene and our sister company, SoClean. 

Top 5 Factors when choosing a Cleaning / Hygiene Company

  • Location
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money
  • Cleanliness
  • Reputation

Taking these factors into account, Flush Hygiene aims to deliver a professional hygiene service in your area. The core business model for Flush Hygiene is to maintain Commercial Washrooms and manage Sanitary and Medical Waste, in line with government legislation.

In addition to the core services offered by Flush Hygiene, the other side of our business, SoClean, can help you with a range of relevant cleaning services.

Introducing So Clean

So Clean are a Specialist Cleaning Company, providing services throughout London, Kent and the South East. They offer a complete range of Cleaning Services to suit Businesses, Hotels and Restaurants.

So Clean provides the following cleaning services which could benefit your business:

Daily Office Cleaning

SoClean provide fully trained cleaning operatives who ensure your office environment is kept clean, tidy and healthy. It is widely recognised that a good clean working environment boosts staff productivity. Read their post on productivity benefits here.

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Hotel Cleaning

Mainly covering London and the South East, SoClean provide front of house cleaning services, maid services, window cleaning, conference room cleaning, kitchens and eating areas. Contact SoClean directly to discuss your specific requirements for hotel cleaning. Obviously, Flush in conjunction with SoClean can manage your Washroom requirements.

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Window Cleaning

SoClean provide a team of expert window cleaners who manage both interior and exterior window cleaning on a commercial basis. This can be offered as a standalone service as well as part of an overall package for your business, hotel or restaurant.

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Kitchen Cleaning

SoClean deliver daily, weekly and monthly kitchen cleaning services, as well as a Deep Clean solution for commercial kitchens, covering businesses, hotels, restaurants and mobile catering facilities.

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Carpet Cleaning

SoClean provide commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services, covering businesses, hotels, sports facilities and conference centers (among others).

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Graffiti Cleaning

SoClean are specialist cleaners with dedicated equipment to handle the safe removal of graffiti from buildings, ensuring no damage or ghosting occurs.

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Complete Cleaning Solution

As you can see, between Flush Hygiene and SoClean, we provide a full range of services which compliment each other. You may be looking for Sanitary Waste Management, Washroom Services and/or Medical Waste Disposal, however, in addition to these, we can provide your company with a total cleaning and hygiene solution.