Our Nappy Disposal Service has been created to facilitate the hygienic disposal of Group E waste, including nappies and incontinence pads

Flush Hygiene proactively seek to use all recycling processes which are both kind to the environment and cost effective. Our aim is to deliver a cost effective, environmentally-safe recycling solution for nappies.

Nappy Disposal Fact

It may surprise you to know, that over the first two to three years of our children’s lives they will go through approximately 5000 disposable nappies, each! That equates to 3 billion disposable nappies being thrown away each year in the UK and an astounding 90% of those nappies end up in landfill.

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  • Recycled Nappies
  • Landfill / Incinerated

Flush Hygiene are proud to recycle 95% of all sanitary and nappy waste

Nappy Disposal Units

Flush Hygiene can supply you with a 60 litre Nappy Disposal Units. Each nappy disposal unit will allow you to collect and contain your waste conveniently and hygienically, which can then be emptied by our collection scheme if you require.

Nappy Collection Service

Flush Hygiene provide weekly, fortnightly and monthly collections throughout Kent, London and surrounding towns to suit your requirements.

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