5 factors for choosing Reliable Washroom Services
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We ask our existing, new and prospective clients what factors are most important when choosing a reliable Washroom Services provider to collect their waste. Price, Reliability, Professional Image, Courteous and Ethical


An obvious factor when choosing any supplier. You want value for money and the best possible service for the least amount of money. In today’s climate, with rumours of another recession and the uncertainty of Brexit, it’s a factor for sure, but in our surveys, this was not a clear leader as it was balanced with other factors.


You need to know the supplier you choose will be there on time and able deliver the level of service you expect within an appropriate timescale. It’s important in this industry to be recognised as both reliable and professional.

Professional Image:

In a commercial setting, it’s important for a washroom service company to deploy professional, smart looking staff in branded clothing. It’s not acceptable to have washroom assistants turn up in trainers, jeans and a t-shirt. Washroom agents need to be presentable and identifiable, although low key.


You don’t expect to have deep meaningful conversations with washroom service staff but simple pleasantries are appreciated, with a good morning or good afternoon as appropriate. It might be low down on the overall criteria you set when choosing a new washroom services company, but it’s the attention to detail and ethos of a good company which sets it apart from the rest.

Ethical Disposal:

Not only is it important to collect your waste efficiently, professionally and subtly, we recognise the need to dispose of your waste in the most eco friendly manor. Where possible, we reduce the impact on landfill by using all available recycling schemes available. When it comes to Nappy Waste, we appreciate the impact on landfill is massive and choose recycling agents to help us reduce the impact on landfill via our waste disposal scheme. Read more on our blog here.

Other Services:

When it comes to cleaning companies / waste disposal services and in this case specifically, washroom services companies, it’s often the case that a business requires more than one service. Clearing feminine waste (sanitary bins and nappy bins) is something all commercial washrooms need to handle, but often additional cleaning services are required. When it comes to general (and specific) cleaning jobs, Flush Hygiene are linked with So Clean which specialises in Daily Office Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Hotel Cleaning and Window Cleaning. Visit www.soclean.co.uk for more information on linked services.

Reliable Washroom Services

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