Let’s face it, thinking about washroom maintenance is a bit of a bore, however, if overlooked, it can lead to problems and if you run a business and have staff, keeping basic washrooms facilities clean, tidy and well stocked is essential.

Failure to maintain adequate hygiene standards in your business directly affects how staff and customers view you and your business.

How many times have you been into public toilets where there is no soap and the toilets are disgusting. Gross, right? Not only is it unhygienic but it’s unprofessional.

How long does it take to clean the toilets, sinks, floors and replace toilet rolls, towels and make sure everything is working? Not long really, if it’s well maintained and managed but the biggest issue is who does it? Often in small to medium sized business, no one person is solely allocated the responsibility of this task and if we are all brutally honest, things can, and do slip.

Statistics show this increases the spread of germs, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Blokes will probably shake their hands or wipe it on their trousers (come on, be honest…. you have done that right!) and lots of woman carry hand sanitisers just in case, but the male species isn’t quite so organised…

First impressions not only count, but last!

OK, it’s rare but toilets like the one above do exist. There is no excuse, it can be sorted easily and if you can’t allocate the time or resources to manage it yourself, get someone in to do it for you.

Poorly maintained toilets are unhygienic but when you combine this fact with a lack of clean towels or paper towels which have run out and soap dispensers which have no soap, it’s asking for trouble.

Would you want to wash your hands in this sink?

Answer the following

  • Are your toilets cleaned on a regular basis?
  • When was the last time the floors were washed?
  • Do you regularly clean and sanitise the handles?
  • When was the last time you put new hand towels in to the washrooms?
  • Are the paper towel dispensers stocked and working properly?
  • Are there adequate facilities for female sanitary hygiene?
  • Are you 100% satisfied the cleanliness and hygiene in your washroom facilities are up to standard and represent the professionalism of your business properly?

For me, I expect basic but clean standards in any washroom I use. It’s not rocket science and it’s unforgivable to not provide this basic service to your employees and clients.

Blocked Toilets due to bad Washroom Management

Dealing with blocked drains is not only a smelly and potentially messy inconvenience, it can also be costly for business. The stench from blocked drains or even worse, the overflow, is not only bad for you and your staff, but even worse for your customers and the impression it leaves them. These problems occur when products like wipes, feminine sanitary waste and even nappies are disposed of incorrectly, as they are not designed to be flushed away.

Why would people flush sanitary waste?

Simple. If the facilities doesn’t cater for the need of the user e.g No Sanitary Bins available OR they are full and over-flowing, where will the waste be put?

Flush Sanitary Waste = Blocked Drains

I am sure we don’t need to write a blog post to tell you this, but the truth of the matter is, businesses don’t always maintain good washroom facilities because they don’t adopt good washroom maintenance practises. We can help!

Lack of Nappy Bins = Flushed Nappies

The purpose of a nappy is to retain water. It is a large object and you wouldn’t think anyone would actually try to flush it, but trust us, it has happened! Nappies will continue to expand and will completely block any drainage pipe, if it even gets past the U-Bend.

Lack of Waste Bins = Flushed Baby Wipes

Wipes may serve a similar purpose, but are not designed to to be flushed in the same way as toilet paper. They are a common cause of blocked drains, as people assume they can be flushed, but they cause blockages frequently as they do not disperse or break down.

Lack of Sanitary Bins = Flushed Feminine Waste

Feminine sanitary products are designed to absorb liquids and therefore expand. This makes them unsuitable to pass through drainage pipes.

Poorly Stocked and Maintained Products

All of the products mentioned above cause drainage problems. If a drain becomes blocked, sometimes the build up of water is enough to push it through, but if the blockage won’t budge, the water will flow back to your toilets and sinks. You may notice a nasty smell coming from the drains or perhaps the sink is failing to empty efficiently. Maybe you are having difficulty flushing the loo. Unless sorted swiftly, this can be a messy problem to deal with and a smelly one too!

The prevention of blocked drains is the key and Flush Hygiene try to educate their customers, by ensuring all relevant sanitary disposal options are made available, as it will limit the potential for drainage problems

Having sanitary bins helps to maximise hygiene levels, while significantly reducing the risk of blockages from these products being flushed. The same goes for nappies and wipes. If you provide the correct disposal facilities, it is less likely you will be facing a costly blocked drain bill, or even worse, a negative impact on your business if clients get a whiff….

Flush Hygiene provide a wide range of sanitary bins and consumables for purchase, as well as offering a reliable, discreet and affordable disposal service. These services can be arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

The bottom line is this. If your staff have access to clean and empty sanitary bins, there is little or no chance they will flush items down the loo, which will undoubtedly cause you problems, sooner or later. In most cases, it has been identified that the cost to a business solving blocked drains, (never mind the embarrassment factor) far exceeds the cost you might pay the likes of Flush Hygiene to manage it for you.

Washroom Maintenance

It’s your reputation that is at stake

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