Flush Hygiene are a privately owned, family run business based in Kent, who strive to deliver a first class washroom solution to businesses throughout Kent, London and surrounding areas

Feminine Hygiene Bins

We supply and service feminine hygiene bins which are aesthetically pleasing, robust and serviceable.

Available in compact 23 litre and 15 litre models, our hygiene bins combine large waste holding capacity in a sleek, modern and compact design with minimal floor obstruction. Both models can be used for liner and bin exchange service and embody exceptional functionality, quality and unique service friendly features.

Feminine Waste Collections

Our servicing guarantee provides you with the peace of mind that your feminine hygiene bins will be collected and serviced discreetly and professionally on a regular  basis.

The service method used is an on-site liner exchange. All feminine bins are emptied in their current vicinity and cleaned with a sanitising agent (Selgiene Ultra) before a replacement liner is installed with Bioforce Germicidal powder inside.

Waste Disposal Recycling

On completion of our service routes our servicing vehicles transport the feminine hygiene waste directly to our storage depot in Orpington, Kent.

Flush Hygiene offer sanitary, nappy and incontinence recycling in partnership with Knowaste, the UK’s first-ever facility for recycling nappies. We work closely with Knowaste, using a recycling process which is both kind to the environment and cost effective.

In the UK, more than one million tonnes of absorbent hygiene product (‘AHP’) waste is generated annually, the majority being sent to landfill. We’re determined to reduce this figure, whilst helping cut our customers’ carbon output and saving them money.

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Account Management & Customer Support

We believe in a quick, effective response to client needs. Management are recruited locally, thus allowing Flush Hygiene to provide coverage by management that live in and understand the area in which they operate.

As soon as the contract has been awarded, an experienced Support team will be dedicated to the mobilisation of your service. However, at Flush Hygiene we operate a flat management structure, which helps maintain costs. Our unique system provides you (our client) with a local account manager who is dedicated in keeping your service at a standard that exceeds expectations. The personal concern and integrity of the manager is significant in controlling productivity and quality. Whether our manager is overseeing one employee or one hundred, the commitment is the same: Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.

Our managers are not left alone to solve their problems. They are closely backed up by the Directors of the company to ensure that our exacting standards are met. All Flush Hygiene staff are trained to be flexible and responsive to your needs. If you require additional support, the manager, or you the client, can call the Helpdesk. Help is just a phone call away, the Flush programme is designed to provide the correct amount and level of support our clients require.

It is the role of our regional management to oversee the contracts on a regular basis. This involves:

  • Liaising with operatives relating to day-to-day work
  • Programming visiting team activities
  • Monitoring on site standards
  • Auditing and managing all aspects of Health & Safety
  • Providing monthly reports
  • Liaising with clients on site
  • Attending regular meetings to monitor and resolve any service issues