Entrance mats are your buildings first line of defence, they help to intercept dirt & moisture that can damage to your interior flooring

With first impressions of your business starting at the entrance, the presentation and cleanliness of your reception area is crucial to your companies image.

Flush Hygiene offer a huge choice of entrance mats and matting for both inside and outside a building’s entrance. These are available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and fits.

All our serviced loose lay mats are provided with a Lift and Lay service. This means your mats are regularly removed for specialist laundering and immediately replaced with fresh ones, so your floors are never left without protection.

Our flexible service arrangements allow the frequency of our service to be customised to your requirements.

We also offer a complete range of mats that can be customised with your logo, to your specific requirements, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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