We supply and maintain both Air Fresheners and a range of Fragrances for Commercial Washrooms
in London, Kent and the South East.

Our Air Freshener units are ideal for high traffic areas. LED dispensers are easy to install and auto-dispense fragrances at 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes intervals

Our comprehensive range of fragrances has been developed to offer customers a solution for every application.

We offer a luxurious range ideal for retail and hotels as well as our popular fruits and flavours range, designed to offer a powerful fragrance for budget washrooms.

Contact us directly for advice on the fitting of units and the most appropriate fragrance for your washroom.

Premium Fragrances for our Air Fresheners

Our range of fragrances has been developed to offer a range of luxurious environment enhancers. Each fragrance is rich and distinct and evolves throughout the day offering a carefully selected blend of aromas to capture the senses. Using a high percentage of essential oils, our range is designed to offer both sophistication and intensity.

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