The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is issuing widespread reminders to companies that it is crucial to make sure that their workplaces are kept hygienic and clean.  These warnings should be heeded, especially when the recent case involving a window manufacturer is considered.  The firm was hit with a fine for ignoring two consecutive improvement notices asking that it greatly enhanced its standards of hygiene and cleanliness, particularly in the employee’s facilities areas.

Health and Safety Inspectors discovered that the employee toilets on the company’s premises were in a dilapidated state and extremely unclean, without soap or hot water for the employees to wash their hands.  The staff break area was also discovered to be filthy, ill equipped and covered with debris and dust blown over from a nearby work area.

Clare Hawkes, an Inspector at the HSE stated: “The law requires employers to provide a minimum basic standard of clean and hygienic welfare facilities for workers.  Failure to provide decent facilities or to comply with enforcement notices are serious matters.”

Companies must make sure they have strong Health and Safety measures established within their workplace and should also check that their business insurance policies over adequate protection against all possible eventualities and health related incidents which can prove dangerous, disruptive and expensive.

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