Dust Control isn’t rocket science, but it’s often overlooked and can save on time, hassle, extra costs and health related issues if it is managed correctly. Let’s take a look at the importance of Dust Control Mats.

First Line of Defence

Dust Control Mats are used in entrances to control the flow of dust into your premises. Dirt and dust control is important to help limit the spread of dust in your buildings.

Mats usually come with a vinyl or rubber back and are usually edged. Rubber back is preferable for anti-slip.

Air Flow

Well positioned mats help reduce flow of air underneath doors and actively reduce the dirt and dust particles from entering the building.

Moisture Control

Wet, dirty and otherwise contaminated footwear entering your building, can be controlled more effectively by ensuring your entrances have dust control mats in place. If a mat is present, most people will naturally wipe their feet, therefore reducing the spread of dirt, dust and grime.

Importance of Floor Mats

  • Avoid slip hazards from wet feet on tiled flooring
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Improve appearance and first impressions
  • Helps to Manage Hygiene
  • Reduces Dust, Dirt & Grime spreading

Dust Control Mats

The dimensions of a mat, colour and branding can be adjusted to suit your needs. Make sure you measure the space which needs to be protected and order the most appropriate size.

We supply all shapes, sizes and colours and can offer a branding service on request.

Dust Management

Whether you operate an office, hotel, restaurant or other public/private access facility, anywhere with active footfall from staff or public, will inevitably drag dirt in from the outside. Having an active policy to combat the flow of dirt and grime into your premises is vital.

Impact where Dust Control is Lacking

It should be obvious that dust, dirt and grime will travel further and cause more problems where mats are missing, poor quality, uncleaned or excessively worn. In these situations, they will fail to do the job and will increase costs and even create health issues.

Signs of Inadequate Dust Control

  1. Excessive dust in the building
  2. Excessive floor dirt and grime inside the building
  3. Muddy/Wet Footprints on carpets and floors

Hotels especially, tend to use large (often branded) mats to ensure everyone who enters their premises, do so with minimal impact to carpets and flooring further inside the hotel. Many hotels will have stone flooring in the main entrances but not all. In both cases, it’s imperative to ensure adequate  mats are provided.

Dust Control Made Simple

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