Flush Hygiene specialise in providing Hygiene Services in London, Kent and Southeast and aim to ensure that businesses working in the food and beverage industry maintain good standards and adhered to health and safety regulations

Hygiene Services for Food & Beverage Sector

Not only washrooms, but any public facing areas within a business require strict hygiene management. This ensures, your patrons and employees experience high levels of cleanliness.

Poor Hygiene Damages Reputations

It is wrong to let hygiene slip.

In fact, there is no excuse.

Each, and every business responsible for dealing with the public, in the food and beverage industry, should be vigilant in their approach to managing good hygiene levels.

Failure to manage adequate hygiene standards

is not limited to, but can include:

  • Financial Penalties
  • Bad Press
  • Negative Reviews
  • Loss of repeat business
  • Loss of earnings
  • Forced Closure

These are all ‘worst case scenarios’ but all of them are easily avoidable and businesses should not be at risk, if they adhere to basic hygiene standards.

Flush Hygiene Benefits

We are committed to ensuring your business hygiene levels are maintained.

Hygiene Survey

Flush Hygiene will perform a full hygiene survey of your premises in order to understand your requirements and put forward a proposal outlining how we plan to manage your account.

Professional Hygiene Service

Our reputation precedes us and we are recognised for our professional approach, alongside an ability to be friendly and discreet.

Hygiene Products and Consumables

Flush Hygiene can supply and maintain washroom products and consumables to suit your requirements, covering anything from Air Fresheners, Soap Dispensers, Sanitary Bins, Laundered Towels, Hand Dryers and even Vending Machines.

We can cater for your every need in this area.

Maintaining Good Hygiene through Education

It is important to encourage visitors to your premises to maintain good hygiene levels.

Simple adjustments within the workplace can have a positive impact on hygiene for everyone.

Signs to advise people to wash (and dry) hands before leaving the washroom will promote better hygiene. Well placed hygiene signage can remind people how important it is.

Read our blog Why hand drying is important.

Germs are Invisible

What might look clean, may in fact harbour germs and bacteria which can effect your visitors. Ensuring your hygiene is maintained properly, is essential. A daily cleaning company like So Clean can help alongside Hygiene Waste Management.

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