It’s common senses that hygiene in schools, where young people congregate, can be compromised, especially in the primary system.
Children as young as 4 start school and often are not aware of basic hygiene standards, like washing hands after visiting the toilets.

As we all know germs spread as a result of poor hand hygiene, and in a school environment it’s essential to maintain good standards, ensuring comprehensive cleaning of door handles, surfaces and toilet areas.

Maintaining Good Hygiene

If a teacher visits the toilets to find inadequate hand washing products, soaps and drying facilities, they will undoubtedly restock it themselves, or request for it to be restocked as soon as possible. You can’t however, expect children, some as young as 4, to be responsible.

Children Spread Germs

In situations where neither soap or adequate hand drying facilities are available, only a few children will choose to inform an adult. Most will simply leave toilet areas without washing and drying their hands.

As soon as they visit the toilets, they are exposed to germs. Unless they perform basic hand hygiene, they are at risk of spreading those germs. Sadly, those who do wash their hands may pick up harmful bacteria from contaminated door handles.

Let’s be honest, we can’t just blame children for this!

Have you ever seen an adult leaving the toilets without washing their hands? I know I have! Read this post on poor hand hygiene in a local supermarket..

Educating Children about basic Hygiene

This is something that schools are required to do, but unfortunately, kids are eager to get on with their activities and hand washing is not always top of their agenda.

Regular Cleaning of Toilets

In an ideal world, toilet areas would be cleaned regularly during the day. This is not always practical in an educational environment and hygiene suffers as a result.

It’s essential for schools to be pro-active in educating children about hygiene and ensuring toilet facilities are well stocked.

Tip: Educate children in your school to tell an adult if the soap has run out or the hand dryers are not working.

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Poor Hygiene Risks in the Education Sector

  • Poor / Non Compliance of Healthy & Safety Standards
  • Absenteeism of staff and pupils through poor hygiene
  • Damage to reputation
  • Interruption of Learning Syllabus due to illnesses.

Sickness and Diarrhoea

Germs = Problems.

Whether it’s one or more days off work/school, or worse. Preventing germs is in the best interest of your school / educational facility.

When it comes to the winter months especially, ensuring good hygiene standards is paramount to avoid the spread of coughs, colds, flu’s and other illnesses.

Flush Hygiene

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