All Organisations and businesses, regardless of the number of employees, are required by law to provide suitable sanitary waste disposal facilities. It is imperative that Sanitary Waste Products are correctly managed to the point of disposal and sanitary waste legislations help to ensure feminine sanitary waste disposal units are always available. All toilet cubicles likely to be used by females, including disabled and unisex, should provide a sanitary disposal facility.

Sanitary Waste is governed by legislation. This ensures the safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste products.

The Workplace (Health, safety and welfare) Regulation 1992

Recommends that all ladies toilet facilities are provided with suitable sanitary bins.

The Water Industries Act 1991

Stipulates no sanitary waste products should be flushed. Avoiding harm to drainage and sewage systems. Read more here

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (amended 1991)

Imposes a duty of care on any organisation that produces, keeps or disposes of controlled waste, including sanitary waste

All businesses and organisations have Duty of Care requirements. As listed below :

  • Registering your premises
  • Applying for a permit
  • Classifying your waste
  • Storing waste correctly
  • Ensuring waste is moved legally
  • Ensuring the Waste removal company is licensed

It is important to us to make certain our customers comply with regulations and Flush Hygiene play an integral part in the sanitary waste management process. Flush Hygiene is licensed to remove sanitary waste and can provide clients with a ‘Duty of Care’ document. This document takes care of the legal requirements involved in sanitary waste disposal.

Disposing of sanitary waste regularly and safely promotes maximum hygiene and minimum odour. Flush Hygiene take care to provide a discreet waste disposal service to ensure your business or organisation is kept hygienic and operating within the law.

Sanitary Waste Legislations

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