Let’s be honest, when it comes to websites and writing blogs, it’s difficult to find fresh new content which appeals to the reader and gives them something informative, useful and maybe even entertaining. It’s a difficult thing, especially when it comes to businesses in a sector which covers hygiene, like ours. We can talk about germs and maybe dabble with a little toilet humour, but what can we learn from this particular post today?

We are one of the leading Hygiene Services Providers in the South East, managing commercial washrooms for businesses, hotels, hospitals, medical centres and other public and commercially owned buildings with washroom facilities.

Delivering a Premium Hygiene Solution

Maintaining high levels of hygiene in your washrooms demonstrates the ability and professionalism to adhere to health and safety policies, ensuring a good experience and impression to your visitors and employees.

Our team of highly trained hygiene operatives understand the risks of poor hygiene and use environmentally friendly products along with a first class service (viewed by many as being second to none) time and time again.

Attention to Detail

It isn’t just a case for us to turn up, refill the toilet rolls, soap and air fresheners, exchange the sanitary bins and remove your waste, it’s about the attention to detail from the point of entering your premises through to the point we leave.

Our focus is to ensure optimum hygiene standards for your business.

Minimising the Risk of Cross Contamination

We do not exchange sanitary bins, due to the risk of cross-contamination. Instead, we empty on site and clean immediately, which avoids any germs spreading through movement of the feminine waste from site to site.

Flush Hygiene supply and service a sanitary bins in london, kent and the south east

This is a proven method to reduce cross-contamination and something we take very seriously.

Attention to Detail

We truly believe, the impression we give as a company sets us apart from our competition. From the moment we turn up and step out of our vehicles, through to how we enter the building, perform our hygiene management tasks before cleaning up and leaving discreetly, professionally and most importantly, hygienically!

We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring our staff, understand these factors and deliver a first class, hygiene focused and discreet solution for your business.

Professional, Discreet and Hygienic Service

In our experience, businesses look for us to be discreet, prompt and professional in our handling of feminine hygiene waste (and rightly so). This is one of the reasons for removing waste on site and cleaning sanitary bins, rather than removing them. It’s more hygiene and efficient to clean on site than it is to remove sanitary bins and walk through buildings full of staff and visitors, clearly holding sanitary bins or waste bins. Instead, we are discreet in the way we handle this.

No need to draw attention to ourselves and nothing worse than seeing someone carrying a sanitary bin into or out of a building, without concealing it, or decontaminating it first!

This is not good practice. It doesn’t look good and it isn’t hygienic.

Our number 1 priority is to maintain optimum hygiene levels at all times!

Are you compliant with the Law?

Read our guide on Sanitary Waste Legislations to ensure you are providing the correct level of hygiene for your washroom users. All businesses and organisations have Duty of Care requirements, so it’s worth being aware of the requirements, to ensure you are compliant with any relevant laws.

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